Dirtbike Adventures

Endless wilderness crisscrossed with footpaths, logging roads, wide open savannas, inviting indigenous villages, and refreshing swimming holes make the Atlantic Coast an ideal place to dirt bike. Even our only highway is gravel and a blast to ride.

Dirtbike Adventures can range anywhere from afternoon cruises to week long expeditions into the rowdiest places imaginable. These are a true overland adventures.

From Puerto Cabezas we can take a number of interesting rides:


This is a friendly ride from Puerto Cabezas to some interesting villages. We ride on a gravel road paralleling the coast with ample opportunities to access the beach along the way. Tuapi is located where this freshwater river empties into the sea. The community's river is a favorite weekend getaway for townspeople looking to escape for an afternoon of swimming and relaxation.


Further North on the edge of an extensive lagoon system is Krukira. It is possible to put your bike on a boat and transport it to Pahra to then have access to Dakura, Auastara and the 10 communities of Sandy Bay. Check out the section on Village Visits for information on these communities. Please contact us if you are interested in this adventure.

Trakis Lagoon & Tuara

An interesting ride to the network of lagoons that dot the coast. Trakis is an unpopulated shallow lagoon with an interesting pirate history and a great place to swim. The community of Tuara is a short ride North from Trakis perched on the shores of the Pahra Lagoon.

Lower Rio Coco & Bismuna

Enjoy the beautiful backcountry in the most remote part of Central America. This multi-day trip travels North from Puerto Cabazas to Waspam, which many consider to be the heart of the Miskito Coast. Then we will ride along the lower Rio Coco River East from Waspam to coastal Bismuna.

Experience the chain of small communities on the banks of the lower Rio Coco. Pass though the area's uninhabited alluvial pine savannas on this all weather road that starts in Waspam and ends at the coast in Bismuna.

It is possible to break up the ride with an overnight spent in Waspam, Kum, or one of the other villages along the lower Rio.

The Mines

Abundant forest, hilly terrain and an interesting indigenous cowboy mining culture make the "mining triangle" of Rosita, Bonanza and Siuna an interesting place to visit. Each of these three places has gold mines we can visit. Check out the section on gold prospecting for more information.

This ride is on a gravel highway which passes by many small villages where we can stop for a visit or a meal. Leaving Puerto Cabezas you will see the population change from indigenous Miskito to Mayagna and then to Spanish. Siuna also provides us with access into the BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve, the largest cloud forest in Central America. These multi-day trips involve overnights in the mining triangle.

Our dirt bike adventures are customized depending on your abilities and desires. Please enquire for further details and information.