Gold Prospecting

The North Atlantic Coast is riddled with productive gold mines. Experience the gold industry first hand. See the impressive gold mines. Dig, extract, wash, pan and maybe even find your very own gold nugget to take home!

The countryside extending from Puerto Cabezas to Siuna, Rosita and Bonanza is spotted with small mining operations. Each has its own system, method and technique to extract gold from the earth. The biggest mines are in the "mining triangle", where there are numerous mining operations ranging from the Canadian owned HEMCO to hundreds of small artisanal operations.

We have developed key relationships with mine owners who are happy to have people come to participate in any part of the mining process. It's also possible to purchase some of the gold that the mine is extracting that day.

Day Trips to gold mines start at $200 and include:

  • Transport to and from the mine in a private pickup truck
  • Lunch made of fresh local foods
  • Tour and opportunity to participate in the mining operation

Please contact us for details.

For an unforgettable taste of the miner's life, spend the night in a mining camp. See how the miners work and live, lend them a hand if you want. Learn the truth behind what it takes to mine gold from the earth. Relax in a hammock after a long workday and swap stories. It is for sure something that you'll never experience anywhere else.