Wawa Beach Biking

The coastal area South of Puerto Cabezas is an expansive beach just made for biking. Ride south to the small indigenous community of Wawa. Petal effortlessly on the flat hard sand while you absorb the surroundings at the steady pace of a bicycle.

Wawa is a beautiful, peaceful village located on a river between a lagoon and the beach. The people are friendly, the town is safe, there are few bugs, excellent fishing, and a colorful history.

Wawa is easy to reach however being roadless it feels completely remote. It is the closest village to Puerto Cabezas that is not linked by a road and a great place to stay with a local family to learn the life on the Atlantic Coast.

Spend the night in a safe local home where you can participate in an evening of amazing activities before biking back to Puerto Cabezas. The people enjoy having visitors and they will accept you into their home like a part of their family. This is the best way to learn the language, culture and traditions of the people. Private accommodations can be arranged as well.

  • Day 1: Ride from Puerto Cabezas to Wawa along the beach. Stop to picnic, swim, harvest beach grapes or one of the many edible beach fruits. Cross the Wawa River in a dugout canoe and then ride through the community of Wawa to the private house where you will stay overnight. Meet and greet your local hosts. Tour the town, go to the beach, rest in a hammock or drink coconuts. Home cooked food provided.
  • Day 2: After breakfast, bike out of town, cross the river and ride up the beach back to Puerto Cabezas. Lunch provided.

Wawa Beach Biking Trips start at $300 and include:

  • A bike
  • Overnight in a private home with a bed and a mosquito net
  • Waterproof submersible dry bags for your gear
  • All meals and lodging
  • Purified water
  • Local guide and an English speaking medically trained tour director

This trip is for the flexible traveller who wants an adventure.

Interested in a longer distance beach ride?

Let's bike the whole Atlantic Coast! We can take along ultra light pack rafts to cross any river or lagoon. Riding the beach is the best way to experience the Atlantic Coast. It's possible to ride along the coast all the way down the beach staying in small villages.

Please contact us for more details.