Wawa River Canoeing

Take a paddle down the Wawa River in a traditional dugout canoe. Explore the wildlife, scenery and indigenous communities on this remote wilderness river. Sleep at rural farms and small villages along the way. Travel down these waterways as it has been done since the beginning of time.

The rivers are the highways and canoes are the vehicles. Visit villages without cars, electricity or the bustle that is oftentimes commonplace in today's world. You will have ample chance to try your hand at catching one of the many local fish species found in our rivers.

  • Day 1: Leave Puerto Cabezas in the early morning and travel to Wawa Boom in a bus. Hop into the canoes and paddle down the river. Spend the night in a small palm thatched hut on a farm carved out of the forest on the banks of the Wawa River.
  • Day 2: We continue to paddle down the river visiting a variety of lagoons, impressive mangrove lined estuaries and the community of Kerata before stopping for the night at the community of Wawa Bar, located at the mouth of the river.
  • Day 3: Leave Wawa Bar in the morning and return to Puerto Cabezas by shared motorboat.
  • This trip starts at $600 and includes:

    • Transport from Puerto Cabezas to Wawa Boom
    • Canoe with a personal guide from Wawa Boom to Wawa Bar
    • Waterproof submersible dry bags for your gear
    • Life jacket (PFD)
    • Purified water
    • Hammocks with bug nets
    • Overnight at a farm on the Wawa River
    • Overnight in the community at Wawa Bar
    • 3 fresh, local meals a day
    • Motorboat from Wawa Bar to Puerto Cabezas

    If you'd prefer to visit this area in a motorboat, check out our Wawa Village visit.