Wawa: rivers, lagoons and beach

Visit the community of Wawa, a beautiful, peaceful village located on a river between a lagoon and the beach. The people of Wawa are friendly, the town is safe, there are few bugs, excellent fishing, and a colorful history. Wawa is the place to stay while exploring the Kerata Lagoon, the Wawa River or the coast South of Puerto Cabezas.

Conveniently located just over an hour away from Puerto Cabezas, Wawa is easy to reach however being roadless it feels completely remote. It is the closest village to Puerto Cabezas that is not linked by a road and a great place to stay with a local family to learn about the way of life on the Atlantic Coast.

While boating to Wawa we will pass through extensive mangroves. This is a much smoother ride than traveling on the open water and offers a chance to explore this interesting intercostal estuary.

We offer safe, local homes where you can stay in Wawa. The people enjoy having visitors and they will accept you into their home like a part of their family. We believe this to be the best way to learn the language, culture and traditions of the people. Private accommodations can be arranged as well.

Wawa visits start at $400 and include:

  • All meals and transportation
  • Accommodations in a private home with a bed (including a mosquito net)
  • Waterproof submersible dry bags for your gear
  • Life jackets
  • Purified drinking water
  • Local guides and a medically trained English speaking tour director

The fun activities to do while in Wawa. Some activities incur a small fee:

  • Cooking lessons of traditional foods
  • Weave traditional fisherman's bags
  • Fish and explore the nearby Wawa River
  • Catch shrimp on the beach
  • Storytelling with community elders
  • Visit the towns schools and churches – teach a class
  • Sample the many kinds of coconuts grown in the village
  • Take a walk or motorcycle ride down the beach to Haulover
  • Take a boat to visit the nearby village of Kerata
  • Visit a small farm on the outskirts of town

Please Contact us if you're interested in one of these activities.

A less expensive option for this trip using public transportation but needing flexibility is available. Contact us for details.