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Artisnal Baking

The people of the Atlantic Coast bake using wheat flour, indigenous roots or fruits but not corn like the rest of Nicaragua. Here you can find a long history of baking delicious coconut breads, cinnamon buns, Johnny cakes, ginger breads, key lime and pineapple pies, puddings, paty, tarts, turnovers, soda cakes and a variety of soft Miskito cakes using different roots and coconut.

 Items are still baked in the traditional way, in heavy metal pots topped with burning coconut husks. This timeless process gives the baked goods a wonderful golden brown color and an unparalleled baked flavor that you can achieve with any oven. 

We work with a variety of old time bakers throughout Puerto Cabezas. Each has their own speciality. This is an opportunity to try items such as coconut bread made as they should be instead of how most are being made for commercial sale and what a difference! Try coconut bread so full of coconut cream that it is dense and aromatic or Paty stuffed with ground meat, spiced with goat pepper, allspice and a whole bouquet of other ingredients. 

With the variety of locally produced baked goods the choice of what to make is up to you. 

Baking experiences start at $50.

Please enquire(link) for details and availability