Butchery Workshops

Our butchery classes are a hands-on, working and learning meat experiences. Participate in any part of the work that you may choose, from slaughter to retail sales.  Learn from old time, skillful butchers how to slaughter, break down a full side of beef or pork, refine it to retail cuts and learn the culinary properties of each cut.

We enjoy interacting with 93 year old butcher Mr. Gaston in the patio of his house, behind his shop, sharing stories, drinking rum at night slaughtering hogs, and in the morning butchering and eating the fresh hot pork rinds as they come out of the kettle.

It's your choice if you were looking for the experience of slaughtering, butchering and selling the meat or if you were merely looking for a morning of fried yucca and breadfruit, pork rinds and timeless stories with Mr. Gaston. We strongly suggest you come for both. 

Butchery Experiences start at $30

Please enquire(link) for details and availability