Cacao Workshops

Learn the art of processing cacao, peanuts, corn, rice, cinnamon, allspice, cloves into ancient beverages such as pinolillo, pinol and tiste.  Also try your hand at new school gringo favorites such as Chocolate Peanutbutter Horchata.

Learn the process as it has been done for centuries. Roast seeds, grains, corn and nuts on an open fire. Quickly clean and ready the ingredients for the milling process. Learn how to grind the dry ingredients and ready them for use or storage.

We focus on techniques and recipes that can easily be recreated in your kitchen back home. An idea is to have this experience before a cooking lesson to experiment with using some of the items we've produced here in your cooking. Try out foreign delights such as Mole, curries and gado-gado. Not exactly Nicaraguan but we encourage creativity!

Cacao and Pinolillo Experiences start at $40

Please enquire(link) for details and availability