Furniture Workshops

Jimmy Webster has been widdleing away in his furniture shop since Puerto Cabezas was a village. He is a wealth of knowledge about both history and wood. Explore his beautifully humble shop which is tucked away in a peaceful refuge in the middle of town.

Talk with him about area history, Miskito history, history of the areas forests, wood industry, wood species & properties. Also take a walk through his back yard which has just about every variety of fruit species found in town and many medicinal plants. If you're lucky enough for it to be mango season you can try the best mangos in town.

An idea that works well with groups who come to visit is to make a thank you gift for someone who helps you during your time here. This gives the group a hands on goal which they are all personally invested in.

Together we can decide what kind of project. People have made rocking chairs, clothing racks, dish drying racks, picture frames, fishing reels, spearguns and many other things. Many independent travelers have made the beautiful, hand-turned, backpack sized wooden dowels for hammocks that Jimmy has become known for.

If your time is limited or you prefer to just observe Jimmy at work and have an interesting discussion you are welcome to have this workshop not include the making of a specific item but be more of an afternoon visit, conversation with jimmy, checking out what projects he is working on and have a tour of his house.

Furniture Experiences start at $50.

Please enquire(link) for details and availability