Miskito Market Tour

Tour the exotic pulse of Puerto Cabezas and the biggest market on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Explore a mix of goods from the surrounding communities, from the nearby Caribbean Sea and from Pacific Nicaragua. There are no hassles, prices are fixed and foreigners are very welcome.

Everything is local, fresh and nothing is frozen. Beef is pasture raised and grass fed. Seafood and fish were most likely caught the day they are brought to market.   Few items come in a package and almost nothing is processed. Directly support the local community, the local residents, local agriculture, and the local way of life.

A market tour is the best way to explore the local foods, medicines and locally produced products available in town. The market is by far the biggest employer in town and is the best way to see the commerce that keeps the town alive.

The people who work in our market are very friendly and enjoy having foreigners interested in their products. Everybody loves having their photos taken and there will be many great photographic opportunities.

The tour best takes place in the morning when all of the days fresh items are arriving from the countryside and will last for a few hours.

Miskito Market Tours start at $20

Please enquire(link) for details and availability