Nightlife Tours

Puerto Cabezas has a rocking party scene that goes until the sun comes up. We have dive bars of all kinds, karaoke joints and clubs that are packed with a jammin' Caribbean vibe. Our nightlife tours are a VIP ticket to explore fun that happens after the sun goes down.

When you are with us you will know:

  • all the spots
  • cool and exciting party people
  • what time places go off
  • all the doormen, waitstaff, DJs, club owners and bartenders.
  • where to go and where not to.

Always get the best service and never:

  • pay a cover
  • wait for a table
  • be overcharged
  • be alone at the party

Think about mixing in one of our DANCE LESSONS into your evening early on, so when you see that girl of your dreams you'll be ready to show her your best.

Foreign faces can be rare and when people are a couple drinks deep energies can run high. With us on your side you will never have a problem, we watch your back, after all there will be enough happening right before your eyes to keep you busy. 

 Enjoy a vibrant party scene full of friendly, easy going people. We can arrange cool fun people to go out with.

Our Nightlife Tours start at $50.

Please enquire(link) for details and availability.