Town Tours

A tour is a good way to orient anyone coming to Puerto Cabezas. Our tour generally covers the topics of: race and ethnicity of the neighborhoods, history, and points of touristic, historic, cultural and political interest.

Visit places such as the Bocana and the Bocanita(the northern and southern ends of town on the beach), the wharf, cemetery, newer parts of town such as Caminante and the towns oldest barrios around the city's center. We will also visit historical points of interest and beautiful historical structures along the way. We enjoy showing people some of the more hidden neighborhoods that feel more like being in a village than in Puerto Cabezas.

Knowing about the interests and goals of your group allows us to adjust the tour to appeal to the interest of your group. We do not have a standard tour of town. Every tour We invite community members to lead our tours who are a wealth of knowledge in the subject of interests of the group.

This tour is not rushed and we encourage stopping to take photos or talking with anyone, anywhere along the way. We will frequently stop by peoples houses while on the tour to see what's happening and if we see coconut bread baking we are sure to stop! This is definitely the best way to get to know Port.

Depending on the size of your group the Tour of Town can take place on a motorcycle, in a taxi, truck or minibus. Please contact us with your group size and what your interests as a group are.

Tours start at $20 per person

Please enquire(link) for details and availability